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Cornerstone Alliance Church

Cornerstone Alliance Preschool will not be in session for the 2018/2019 school year

Our program:

Language Concepts: Alphabet Awareness, Phonemic Awareness, Color Recognition, Similarities and Differences, Vocabulary Skills, Early Writing Skills, Reading Readiness.

Math Concepts: Counting and Patterning, Shape and Size Recognition, Sequencing, Measuring and Weighing.

Science Concepts: Weather, Nutrition, Health, Five Senses, Plants and Animals.

Social Science Activities: Socialization, Home and Family, Positive Peer Interaction, Safety and Community Helpers, Seasons and Holidays.

Fine Art: Daily Music and Movement.

Teaching young children in a Christ-centered environment is the goal of Cornerstone Alliance Preschool. Jesus said, “Let the little children come unto me.” At Cornerstone Preschool we invite children to do just that! We offer a place for them to learn, that is safe, fun and where Jesus is honored.



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   260-672-2257 Church

What our parents have to say!

We love that our daughter is cared for and loved by her teachers.  They always give her their undivided attention when she has something to say.  It's such a joy to walk my daughter into school each morning and see the joy and excitement on her teacher's faces who are excited for what they have planned for the day.   I love the curriculum they use and am always amazed at the abundance of things my daugher is learning!  I enjoy the weekly report that is sent home so I can see what my daughter is learning.  This preschool has a great amount of both play and learning for children.  I never have to worry about whether my daughter is learning at school or whether she is cared for.  She has the most wonderful caring teachers who strive to help their students learn and play in a loving educational environment.   ~ The Payne Family ~

We LOVE Cornerstone Preschool!  There is such a cheerful atmosphere at Cornerstone and the teachers are great with the kids! The activities that they do with the kids have made learning so much fun for our son.  He loved the treasure hunt for letters.  Cornerstone does a great job incorporating science, math, arts, reading, writing and so much more into their curriculum.  We would recommend them to any family looking into preschool!   ~ The Holzinger Family ~

I have four kids. I love kids & love teaching them things but I struggled with trying to balance house cleaning, kids, & having no time to myself.  I prayed for God to send me someone to help me raise my kids with good morals & faith, & to teach them skills I don't have time for anymore. God brought me to Cornerstone Preschool and it has helped my boys & me too, in so many ways!  I tell everyone it's like a Christian Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  I highly recommend the Preschool to anyone!   ~ The Ackley Family ~

A Review of Cornerstone Preschool... Let's see?  Outstanding, Christ centered, Scholastic education!  110% Carried out by educated veterans, and teachers in both school and Christ, who keep parents very well informed!  1,2,3...The development, learning skills, socialization, and communication was noticeable with our child within the first week of attending this wonderful program!  Wholehearted - The adults here truly, we believe, care for the children and their educational and spiritual growth.  This program blends life and truth at a very understandable level for our young children!  And prepares them with the tools and knowledge they will need for kindergarten and beyond.  Our time here is short. Eternity is forever. And K-12 is only 13 years.  This preschool lays an awesome foundation!  Thank You!   ~ The Sexton Family ~

- We have thoroughly enjoyed our family's experience at Cornerstone Preschool.  Our daughter has made many meaningful relationships, which I am sure she will take with her into Kindergarten.  I enjoy the class size; I think it is just perfect to provide the much-needed social aspect while still getting personalized attention.  She has learned many of the basics she needs to start Kindergarten, along with learning how God fits into her daily life.  She loves her teachers and they have obviously made a lasting impression on her.  Thanks for all you do,  ~ The Kiser Family ~

There are so many things I love about Cornerstone Preschool!  I love the atmosphere when we walk in every morning.  The decor is so cute - with uplifting pictures and little messages that kids can understand and relate to.  There is always a smiling teacher standing there to greet the kids - with a smile for hurried parents too!  And when I pick my little guy up, he's always so happy to show me what he's done that day!  And Mrs. T. will add to his description.   He has learned so much and made sweet little friends!  We're so excited to see what another year at Cornerstone will bring!  Thank you so much Mrs. T & Mrs. Hay!  ~ Mammaw Barbie ~

We are so blessed to have our son be in an environment where he can learn & grow, and be cared for by such loving teachers. We hear new lessons learned everyday once our son comes home.  We are very thankful we chose Cornerstone Preschool for our son.      ~ The Baker Family  ~

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